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Colorado First and Existing Industry Grants

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Colorado First and Existing Industry Grants

Funding Your Corporate Training
                      Colorado FIRST / Existing Industry Customized Training Program

The Colorado First and Existing Industry grants are jointly administered by OEDIT                               and the Colorado Community College System. Colorado First grants are for companies                               that are relocating to Colorado, or existing companies that are undertaking a major                               expansion. Existing Industry grants are designed for Colorado companies that are                               implementing new technology to remain competitive and keep jobs in Colorado. Approved                               training is for transferable job skills that support both the company’s economic                               competitiveness by re-training its workers in new skills, while enhancing the workers’                                resumes and long-term employment opportunities.

Colorado First grant applications are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the                               fiscal year. Existing Industry Grant applications are reviewed in a competitive                               process by the administering agencies twice per fiscal year.                            

Grant funded training must occur within July1st - May31st of the fiscal year that                               the grant is awarded.                            

For more information, please contact John Dunsmoor at 303-914-6591 or email