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Facilities Engineer Technician

Energy Efficiency

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We need Facilities Engineering Technicians, experts who make building systems work and create sustainability through Operations amd Maintenance.

RMEC Facilities Engineer Technician (FET) Program 

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To meet our current and future challenges associated with comfort, process, sustainable energy efficiency and increased profits in the built environment,technicians that deal with the building must understand how a building operates as a system.

The Facilities  Engineer Technician (FET) Program combines the American National Standards  Institute Certificate Accreditation Program (ANSI  CAP) authorized online modules developed by and the hands on  lab experiences that will assess and confirm the student’s emerging  competencies in the facilities engineering field

The FET Program is taught in a blended format. Students will complete online modules and will practice and demonstrate acquired competencies in a lab setting. Applicants may choose to complete the lab work on site or, the employer may contract to have a subject matter expert lead the lab modules at their work site.

Program is available Worldwide, Flexible, Employer Directed and can be Site Specific.

Applying these innovative online education, training, techniques, living labs and best practices, the employer / owner will experience enhanced customer satisfaction and profits though Technicians that have a clear understanding of health, safety, comfort and energy efficiency in buildings by the knowledge of operating and maintaining the Building as a System.

The Facilities Engineering Technicians are problem solvers - experts who contribute to making the building as a system work more efficient with increased profits.

Facilities Engineering Technicians assure energy efficiency sustainability through operations and maintenance for the built environment.

“Energy efficiency in buildings is the most cost-effective opportunity for advancing a national energy and climate solution.”

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