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Safety and Health

The Rocky Mountain Education Center was established in 1992 as the Continuing Education Department of Red Rocks Community College. The Rocky Mountain Education Center has developed several health and safety courses over the years to meet the specific training needs of our clients. These courses have been developed with our experienced group of instructors and range in topics from 40-Hour Hazwoper, Supervisor Safety, Safety Programs and various other safety and health topics.  

A Specialist Certificate can be earned in construction, general industry or oil and gas, for more information on our Specialist Certificate Program:

If you are interested please click here to be redirected to Special Interest section: Special Interest (Redirect)

If you would like any of these courses offered at your site for groups of 12 or more - click here Please make sure to indicate what training you would like to have conducted at your location, we look forward to helping to meet your training needs.

If you are looking for someone to provide your company with a 10-Hour or 30-Hour Course in Construction or General Industry we encourage you to check the list of authorized outreach trainers in your area:  To find a trainer or training being conducted for a 10/30-Hour Course - click here

Please be aware our Course Registration is linked with the college's registration timeline, which is outlined below.  To see the availability of all classes for the year please download our course brochure.

        Spring Term courses (January - May) are open for registration mid-November

        Summer Term courses (June-August) are open for registration mid-April

        Fall Term courses (September-December) are open for registration mid-July


RMEC 110 - OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety and Health RMEC 120 - OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Safety and HealthRMEC 130 - OSHA 30-Hour Course in Construction SafetyRMEC 140 - OSHA 30-Hour Course in General IndustryRMEC 210 - Developing & Implementing the Globally Harmonized System & Hazard Communication Standard ProgramsRMEC 313 - Hazardous Waste Site Safety: 40-Hour HAZWOPERRMEC 313A - Hazardous Waste Site Safety 24-Hour Hazwoper CourseRMEC 314 - Hazardous Waste Site Safety: 8-Hour HAZWOPER RefresherRMEC 318 - Supervisor Safety CourseRMEC 320 - Writing Safety Policies, Programs and Procedures for your CompanyRMEC 360 - Forklift Operator - Powered Industrial Truck StandardRMEC 380 - Safety ProgramsRMEC 900 - Industrial Emergency Response: Hazardous Materials First Responder Awareness - Level 1 (HAZMAT)RMEC 901 - Industrial Emergency Response: Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations - Level 2 (HAZMAT) RMEC 902 - Industrial Emergency Response: Hazardous Materials Technician - Level 3 (HAZMAT)RMEC 420 - OSHA 10 Hour General Industry - Cannabis Industry RMEC 123 VC - Digging Deeper into Construction Trenching and Excavations Hazards-VIDEO CONFERENCERMEC 123 - Digging Deeper into Construction Trenching and Excavations HazardsRMEC 130 VC - RMEC 130 30-Hour Course in Construction Safety - Video ConferenceRMEC 313 VC - RMEC 313 40 Hour Hazwoper Course - Video ConferenceRMEC 314 VC - RMEC 314 8 Hour Hazwoper Refresher Course - Video ConferenceRMEC 360 VC - RMEC 360 Forklift Operator-Powered Industrial Truck StandardRMEC 420 VC - RMEC 420 10-Hour General Industry Cannabis FocusRMEC 125 VC - HazCom Standard COVID 19 Safe Work Place Planning

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